I Complain

I Complain (Photo credit: shtikl)

I was once told by a foreign restaurant owner, near where I lived in Ireland, that Irish people don’t complain. They just smile politely, saying everything was great, leave and never come back. He didn’t understand that mentality. ‘Bad’ restaurants then can’t change without their customers feedback and because we vote with our feet they go out of business not knowing what they had done wrong.

I think this is the approach we have taken. We get offended when we are referred to as the “British Isles” so we vote with our feet. It is interesting to point out that subscription based services don’t tend to us the term “British Isles”. Indeed, the National Geographic changed their policy and now no longer use this term to refer to the Ireland after a complaint by an Irish Lobbying Group in America.  There are some exceptions, when contacted Geograph Project agreed that the term was inappropriate and have agreed to use an alternative wording. Geograph Project, thank you for your support and understanding.

It has become the preserve of groups and bodies that have no commercial interest in Ireland, or do not sell something to Ireland. The BBC falls into to this category, as does the British Ordnance Survey. Neither entity is funded from Ireland, as Ireland has its own national broadcaster and its own ordnance survey.

Well, then all one is left with is complaining. So that is what I have been doing, and learning on the way. Starting with the BBC and moving on and on.

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