About this Blog

I started this blog out of anger. It has been building slowly. I tried to ignore it. I have tried to reason with it. It won’t go away.

It heats up a little more every time the BBC’s weather man says “British Isles” and waves his hand over the UK and Ireland.

I am going to make the argument that the term “British Isles” is ambiguous at best and offensive at worst. I am going to do so over the next few blog posts. Each one will be small, but they will build into an argument.

Maybe this blog will become more than just a moan about, at best, how the British are too ignorant to use a term they defined correctly and, at worst, they are just being ignorant towards their nearest geographical neighbours by failing to respect them as an independent nation.

Feel free to make your arguments, comments or feedback etc… below. I will try and read all of them. Remember, attack the argument not the person…


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